Why Another Wiki?

There are lots of wiki engines in existence today. So why are we muddying the waters with JabberWiki? The reason is twofold:
  • simplicity
  • freedom
Many wiki's require lots of configuration and setup to run on your site. JabberWiki aims to be simple both is setup and use. There is no special site configuration. There is no need to use a pre-defined database schema. Just drop it on your aspx pages.
Wiki's come with their own packaged syntax and language which is not always as intuitive or as user friendly as one would hope. Out of the box JabberWiki comes with a built in language, but this can be changed or even replaced through simple configuration settings.

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swatiAgarwal Apr 26, 2007 at 8:54 AM 
Please provide the source code!!! I am developing a wiki and need the wikimarkup parser bit. Thanks